Sturdy Cable Chain

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Sturdy Cable Chain // Sterling Silver

Looking for a strong, smooth silver cable chain that won't kink? Here she is!

This 1.99 mm cable chain is sturdy enough for some of your heavy pendants and polished brightly with a Spring Ring Clasp.

 Here's a quick run down on chain lengths for women:

  • 16'' - typically hangs at the collar bone. This length is good for above the neckline length. It can feel a little tight on some people.
  • 18'' - typically hangs right at the top of your sternum. This is the most common length chain
  • 20'' - typically hangs about 1'' below the top of the sternum but also a comfortable size for taller or larger people
  • 24'' - typically hangs at heart level. This is a great length for larger pendants or pieces you want to wear on your torso without having the piece right on you chest.
  • 30'' - typically hangs center of chest. This length is nice for a variety of sized pendants. Be aware that it often hangs front and center of your chest.

***I just said "typically" a lot. Even if you're the same height as me, there are a number of factors that can contribute to chain fit. Most chains can be shortened. My favorite solution (especially if you're deciding between sizes) is to have a chain extender added so you can wear it 2-3'' longer.

Here's a quick run down on chain lengths for men:

  • 18'' - typically hangs at the collar bone and not usually comfortable to most, but this length is good for children, especially if you're wanting a longer chain
  • 20'' - typically hangs at the top of the sternum, like an 18'' chain would on a woman, but in my experience this is not the most popular chain length for men
  • 24'' - typically hangs near center of sternumThis is the most popular size chain for men and what I typically recommend. It's long enough to go over necklines (even V-neck) and not too long to get in the way.
  • 30'' - typically hangs a little below heart level. This is a good chain length for larger or taller men that want a longer chain or as a more dramatic length for a pendant.

***Again, that's a lot of "typically." Men tend to need longer chains. As a rough rule of thumb, I'd say add 2 inches to a chain that fits a woman if you want the fit to be the same for a man, maybe even 3-4''

Still don't know what length you need? Check out my guide on chain lengths here!