What chain length do I need?

Check out this handy Chain Length Guide with visuals for guys and gals and everything!


What's my ring size?

Here's your guide with 3 easy ways to find out what ring size you need!


Does your silver tarnish?

It's tarnish resistant. No sterling silver can be truly, totally tarnish free.I use a new, tarnish resistant alloy that stays bright white. If any clean up is needed, a quick buff with a 100% cotton silver polishing cloth is all you need, or you can bring it in to me to have it re-polished like new.


What if I need to return or exchange a piece?

It's SUPER easy! Check out my Returns and Exchanges page. I'll send you a return label and you can even reuse the box it came in!


Is there nickel in any of your jewelry?

Everything is nickel free and allergy friendly, with exception to the White Gold. Only the White Gold has nickel, but it is all traditionally rhodium plated.


What if my skin reacts to your jewelry?

It hasn’t happened yet, but I will do what I need to in order to make it right! I've had quite a few people sensitive to silver that have no problems with my jewelry.


What if I get the wrong size?

Not a problem! I know sizing can be difficult. Contact me and we will get you in the right size! Also, check out my Returns and Exchanges page.


Isn’t it illegal to use coins in your jewelry?

Nope! As long as a person does not alter coins for fraudulent purposes, it is perfectly legal. Think about the souvenir penny squishers you may have seen at the zoo. In many cases, the coins I use are being sold as silver scrap, so, in a sense, we are saving the coins from being destroyed.


Is everything made by Abby?

Yes! Everything is handmade by me, Abby. 


Do you do custom work?

Absolutely! Quite a lot, in fact! Contact me to get started!


How do I care for my jewelry?

The cardinal rules are don’t sleep, exercise, swim, shower, or lather up in beauty products while sporting your jewelry. While this is the ideal scenario, I understand that life happens. I make my jewelry to be strong and durable, but, just to be up front, it is best to follow these guidelines.

Certain beauty products and pool chemicals can be bad for the metal, and sleeping in your jewelry does increase the likelihood of damage and increase the wear. If, by chance, you find your jewelry blackened by the hot tub or squashed from snoozing in it, feel free to ship it back and I will likely be able to restore it for you at no cost… or at least be able to advise you on how to do it yourself.

I also recommend keeping it in a safe place when you aren’t wearing it.


Where can I see your jewelry in person?

Come in and see my jewelry at David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry in Marietta, Georgia! This is the place where Mettle by Abby started and where I made it the first 7 years.