Power Tie Bar

Power Tie Bar

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Power Tie Bar // Handmade, Hammered Sterling Silver Tie Bar

When I was making this tie bar, I felt like someone might need a subtle, but strong red Garnet on it. I wondered why I chose Garnet, and I had my answer when I did a little digging into Garnet lore. Garnet is the perfect gemstone for a tie bar! The gemstone has long been seen as a symbol of truthfulness and people have worn Garnets to protect their standing in society. Could it be any more well suited for... well... your suit? Red is a passionate color and Garnet is one of the hardest gemstones out there. 

This tie bar is the perfect gift for someone that needs a little extra edge when suiting up.

The Power Tie Bar is 1.5'' long and 1/8'' wide and features a genuine, full cut Garnet. It's super strong, having been hardened and strengthened through the forging process (yes, like a blacksmith!)