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Lapis Lantern Earrings

Lapis Lantern Earrings

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Lapis Lazuli Lantern Earrings // Handmade, Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Earrings

These fun earrings feature a set of three free swinging, free form pieces of Lapis Lazuli on top of a 3 strand silver tassel. These earrings are 4'' long, easy to put on, and even make a great gift!


All jewelry sold on is hand made using only solid precious metals and genuine gemstones.

If you have questions about this piece, please feel free to contact me via email at

Care Instructions

To clean your Mettle by Abby pieces, simply use a soft toothbrush in warm, mild soapy water. This will help remove dirt and oil from the gemstones and make them shine again, as well as keep the silver and gold looking bright and clean.

To polish silver Mettle by Abby pieces, simply buff with a silver polishing cloth. If you really want to give it a shining, you can use a silver polishing cream and then rinse it with water when done.

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