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Caribbean Currency

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Caribbean Currency // Coin Set Larimar Necklace in Silver

It's simple, really. This is an antique silver coin with a gemstone from the carribbean set in it.

Maybe it's not so simple...

Think of all the places this coin has been and what it was used to purchase?

And how about that larimar? Did you know that it is a rare blue for this gem and found only in the Dominican Republic?

Both the coin and the gemstone carry their history with them. The coin has dents and scratches from its journey through time and the gemstone emanates the carribbean origin it can't deny! What a strange and lovely union!? What a celebration and example of how very different entities can combine to create something new and more complex in beauty and function!?

Wear this piece as a celebration of your complex origin and who you are today! Or give it as a gift and share the wonder!

This treasure is on an 18'' blackened silver diamond cut chain, but if you require 16'' or 20'' please let us know in the comments at checkout.