14k Turquoise Earrings

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14k Turquoise Earrings // One of a Kind, Hand-made, 14k Rose Gold and Blue Turquoise Earrings

Each Turquoise mine has its very own tell tale color and characteristics that an experienced Turquoise connoisseur can tell where a Turquoise came from just by looking at it! These Turquoise come from Pakistan and have the most vibrant stunning colors I've seen! And let's not forget the sparkling pops of hematite (the gunmetal inclusions) that add a natural pattern and wow factor.

So often, Turquoise is set in silver or even yellow gold, but I set these in rose gold to further accentuate the color pop, so you get the brightest, most stunning Turquoise earrings around!

These earrings hang over 1" from tip of ear wire to tip of gemstone.

These earrings feature my signature earring backs that won't fall out of your ears like other hook style earring backs! They're also super comfortable! Learn more here!