14k Aquamarine Pendant

14k Aquamarine Pendant

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14k Aquamarine Pendant // Handmade, One of a Kind 14k Yellow Gold and Aquamarine Pendant (chain options available)

This beautiful and natural Aquamarine has such a pretty and glowing blue to it. You'll love looking at the natural inclusions and being reminded that this rare beauty came from the earth, was cut, polished, and set in a custom made pendant just for you! 

As Gold prices are at record highs, I want to offer you a few options for this piece. Perhaps you have a chain of your own you'd like to use, maybe you'd like a little contrast and enjoy a blackened Sterling Silver chain, or maybe the classic and lovely 14k Gold chain to match the same metal the pendant is set in! The choice is yours! In addition to these options, you can buy one of my favorites available here.

Check out this Chain Length Guide to figure out the perfect size for you!

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