Custom Jewelry

I love creating custom jewelry!

It is incredibly rewarding to see the joy on your face when you see your finished piece. I have had customers cry tears of happiness when they see their custom piece for the first time, and that is the best feeling ever!

Unfortunately, custom jewelry often feels like it's just out of reach. Sometimes it's because we have trouble making decisions, sometimes it's our budgets and sometimes we're just too gosh darn excited and custom takes too long!

To make custom jewelry more accessible. I offer Custom Tiers and Custom Specials. Custom Tiers offer a little bit of insight into price points and time frames while Custom Specials offer curated custom options with no custom fees.

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Custom Tiers

Over the past two decades of making custom jewelry I've learned that "custom jewelry" doesn't always mean the same thing. “Custom” can be as simple as "I want this amethyst set in a simple gold setting” or as elaborate as "I want to meet with you and show you my sketches, mood-board, loose gemstones, old jewelry etc. and have you design a unique piece for me."

The amount of time and energy that I pour into a custom piece varies tremendously! So I've created these Custom Tiers to offer you a little bit of insight before we get the ball rolling.

  • First Tier

    Super easy and affordable. First Tier custom is usually just a request for a piece on my website to be made with minimal alteration.


    Pricing similar to pieces on the website.

    Usually takes 1-3 weeks

  • Second Tier

    Our most popular tier! This tier includes custom pieces made in the Mettle by Abby aesthetic with a few personal touches.


    Prices start at $300

    Usually takes 2-4 weeks

  • Third Tier

    This is where your wildest dreams come true! Meet with me in person (or virtually) and go over every detail of your custom design.


    Prices start at $500

    Usually takes 3+ weeks

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Custom Specials

Custom Specials

Custom Specials are special events (offered to my email subscribers) where you get to have an active role in the design of your jewelry with no additional charge for custom!

This is the simplest custom option I offer. All you have to do is...

1. Pick your favorite gemstone

You have a selection of loose gemstones (like the dendrites below) available to choose from.

2. Choose a setting style

You get to choose your setting from a few designs that I've curated to work well with your gemstone.

3. Checkout

You just hit the button to buy it like anything else in in the store. Getting a piece of custom jewelry has never been easier or more fun!


Reasons to love Custom Specials

  • Custom jewelry with no custom fees!
  • No decision fatigue! Limited choices makes it easier to decide.
  • No estimates! You know the exact price up front.
  • Less mystery. The design choices make it easy to visualize your jewelry.
  • Faster turn-around. Get your custom jewelry in as little as 2 weeks.