...More About Mettle

Every piece of Mettle is lovingly made with intuitive design and a passion to bring you truly one of a kind jewelry no one else has.

Mettle is made to help you remember, celebrate, and share that you are not like anyone else! There is such strength and beauty in what makes you different from the rest. 

one of a kind handmade mettle by abby jewelry

There’s something magical about a one of a kind piece of jewelry made by happy, intuitive hands! Wearing something no one else has is the best way to express yourself!

My mission is to help strengthen and encourage people to be confidently themselves.

Mettle by Abby Meadows in jewelry studio

Making jewelry is the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I graduated from Winthrop University (the only college I applied to) in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 2010 with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Jewelry and Metals. A few months after graduating, Doug Meadows (now my uncle) of David Douglas Diamonds and Jewelry in Marietta, Georgia offered me the chance to create a line of jewelry in house for their store.

Mettle by Abby David Douglas.jpg

My 9 years at David Douglas Diamonds (10 if you count my apprenticeship in the summer before my senior year at Winthrop) were some of the most enriching and encouraging years! Mettle grew so fast! and the opportunity to work just a stones throw away from where my jewelry was on display was so enlightening and rewarding. 

In 2017, I had a growing feeling that it was time for me take the plunge. Doug had told me back in 2010 that he wanted to launch me and that he knew I wouldn't always be working in the store, but I couldn't see it. The idea of taking all the responsibility and tasks into my own hands was intimidating. (I mean, bookkeeping, business taxes, licenses... ugh! I don't know how to do that stuff!) But, as 2017 came along, I knew it was time. 

Mettle by Abby Studio

In 2018, I married Doug's nephew, Malachi (also in the jewelry biz!) and we have been working together ever since. Life these days is filled with just as much excitement as ever! We work out of our own private studio and enjoy learning all the wild and crazy things you need to know to run a business. 

Abby and Malachi Wedding

Jewelry isn't the only thing that keeps us busy... we have 3 little Nigerian Dwarf goats, a wildly happy dog, and an adventurous kitty that likes to pose when I'm trying to take pictures of jewelry.

Mettle by Abby Goats Baby Mettle by Abby Goats Mettle by Abby Cat Whisky Meadows Mettle by Abby Dog

We continue to grow and love bringing new and fresh things to the world. We are so excited to share with you and to celebrate the amazing gifts God has given!

I have had the honor of making thousands of one of a kind pieces of jewelry for you with the most beautiful materials on this planet and I'm not slowing down any time soon. 

Thank you.


Celebrate one of a kindness.

Mettle by Abby Meadows in the jewelry studio

My Promise to You

I want you to wear your Mettle jewelry… a LOT! That means, I strive to make every piece as comfortable and durable (thanks for the engineering gene, Dad!) as possible. I also want you to be as excited about your jewelry as I am! That means, if you aren’t in love, let me know, I want to make it right!

I want your Mettle by Abby jewelry to remind you that no one in this world is like you, and that is cause to celebrate!

mettle by abby meadows makers mark


How is Mettle by Abby made?

Every piece of Mettle by Abby is hand-forged by me, Abby Meadows, in my private studio (my favorite place on Earth!)

What do I mean by “hand-forged?” Well, I don’t cast anything and everything is hand made. This means I fuse and solder all the silver and gold with a torch, I form and bend with a hammer and anvil.

No two pieces are the same or even reproducible due to the nature of how I create!

To further instill this one of a kindness into your jewelry, I seek out natural gemstones full of wild and irreplaceable characteristics. Pursuing these stones is one of my favorite things to do and I want you to feel like you’re doing the same when you peruse my shop. My heart sings out when I find a stone I need to take home and make something with. You will experience a similar effect when you find the right piece of jewelry. The wonderful thing about jewelry that sets it apart from other kinds of art, is that you can wear it and express yourself! So why settle for anything less than one of a kind!?!

I want to invite you to my world. I want to invite you to sign up for my e-mail so that I can make sure you are the first to know when I have new pieces, special events and exciting opportunities for you! If you haven't yet, enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page. 

Thank you!!!