Yesha and Mettle Collaboration

UPDATE: This collection will be launching Monday, August 3 at NOON!  

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For many artists, Spring means festival and show time. 2020 gave us a unique opportunity to rest and stay in our studios when all the shows got cancelled, and we took the chance to work together!

My husband, Malachi, and I met Yesha at the ICE Holiday Shopping event in 2018. She creates such detailed beauty on ceramic pieces that we first thought had to be decals, but were further wowed when we saw her hand painting every little leaf and flower! So much detail and beauty is put into every piece she makes!

Since 2018, we've done a handful of the same shows with Yesha and all the way Malachi has urged me that we need to do a collaboration with her. Her ceramics are unlike the rest and have a beauty and detail to rival many gems. This year, 2020, we started the work to bring our art together. We asked Yesha how she felt about creating some cabochons of her designs so we could create jewelry with them. The whole process went smoothly and intuitively. Collaboration between artists can be tricky. If you force something to work, there is discord in the finished pieces, but this collection came together very sweetly and naturally. 

We are so excited to share this collection with you. 

This collection alleviates any worries about ethical gemstone sourcing and cutting, every part is handmade just north of Atlanta, Georgia. No two cabochons are alike, and no two jewelry pieces are the same. The Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold are all recycled and made into jewelry by myself in my studio, and the ceramic gems are completely handmade by Yesha in her studio. When you purchase your Yesha and Mettle Collaboration piece, you know exactly where it came from and you are supporting two local artists. Every piece in this collection is wildly one of a kind and carries a story that speaks of collaboration and beauty. Celebrate the beauty of working together. Celebrate the peaceful bliss of taking a quiet moment to really soak in and appreciate the beauty that is all around you.

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