Motivation to get you through that hurtle!

A few years ago, I got into pottery. I had taken a class in college but never thrown on the wheel. Then I started to teach myself how to throw on the wheel, and it was so frustrating that I more often threw it at the wall. 

black clay pottery vase

Well, I'm not a potter for a living, nor do I want to be one. I'm a jeweler and jewelry designer and it's my calling. (You'll have to drag me away from my bench screaming.) I must say, though, I am SO happy I didn't give up pottery!

I just wanted to take a second to encourage you in whatever new things you're trying. Don't give up! On the other side of that frustration is a sweet reward!

loaded glaze kiln

Sure, your new skill might not be for you, but if your reason for quitting is a temporary hurtle, you might be making a mistake that will cost you all the work (and money) you've already put in. 

Push on my friends! You are more awesome than you know!


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