How to Wear Minimalist Jewelry Like a Pro

How to Wear Minimalist Jewelry Like a Pro

What's ahead:

  • What do minimalists wear?
  • How to niche down your jewelry
  • Minimalist necklaces
  • Minimalist rings
  • Minimalist earrings
  • Minimalist bracelets
  • Conclusion


What do minimalists wear?

The first question on our journey is, do minimalists wear jewelry? Absolutely! Minimalism isn't about depriving yourself of adornment; it's about curating a collection of pieces that bring joy and enhance your unique style. Minimalist jewelry embodies simplicity, versatility, and enduring beauty.


How to niche down your jewelry

Now, let's tackle the art of niche jewelry. Niche pieces allow you to express your personality and create a style that speaks volumes. Explore various themes, such as nature-inspired designs, geometric shapes, or symbolic motifs. By embracing a niche, you infuse your jewelry collection with a cohesive and personalized touch. 

There are a few things to look for when niching down your collection. I would say that if a piece doesn't tick all or some of the following boxes, consider if it's worth to holding on to.

  • is it sentimental?
  • is it real? (I'm talking gold or silver and not plated or filled-more on this later)
  • does it make you happy to wear it?
  • is it comfortable to wear?

This should help you narrow down your collection and even see if certain pieces you've been holding on to are worth letting go. Here at Mettle by Abby, I believe that jewelry should absolutely tick EVERY one of those boxes.

Here's why:

  • If it isn't sentimental or expressive for you, then why bother adorning yourself half-heartily (life's too short for boring jewelry)
  • If it ain't real, it won't last and it's possibly toxic to wear (and you're worth a heck of a lot more than a toxic waste dump)
  • If it doesn't make you happy to wear it... oh man... don't do that to yourself... jewelry should be a reminder of how incredibly and wildly one of a kind you are! It should light your heart on fire, baby!
  • If it isn't comfortable to wear, well... stop torturing yourself!

Minimalist necklaces

Less can be so much more! Less clears away the noise and lets volumes be spoken with a dainty piece. A really simple place to start would be just a simple birthstone pendant. (Shop the collection here!)

Birthstone pendant collection

These are great stand alone necklaces with a touch of delicate beauty. The chains have a rhythmic beauty and they are different enough for any one that sees it to know that this piece was made specially for you.

Of course, there are plenty of other one of a kind necklaces to choose from. Shop them all here and don't risk wearing the same thing everyone else has (it's also guaranteed to last for generations to come!)

Minimalist rings

The easiest way to wear rings like a minimalist, is to stay within the realm of stacking rings and maybe sprinkle in a statement ring every now and then when you want a boost! The only rule is that it feels good and it feels like you! Build yourself a foundation of simple rings without any stones, and then sprinkle in a few dainty gemstones and a statement ring or two to mix it up when the mood strikes!

I've put together an entire collection of my most favorite stacking rings. Check them out!

stacking star dust rings

Minimalist earrings

The easiest way to rock the minimalist earring game: stick with simple hoops and/or studs! Even if you have multiple piercings, you can adorn those pretty little ears with one of a kind studs. Go on, pick something new out and celebrate your choice! Shop all studs here >>

Minimalist bracelets

A simple chain bracelet or bangle is a great minimalist bracelet strategy that you can easily amp up with a statement piece, with no need to take off your every day bangles. I highly recommend any of the 3 Signature styles here >>

Not only are they all handmade by me (Abby) but they are easy to find the perfect size (check out the guide on the bangles' page) and they are timeless and elegantly made!


If you're trying to minimize and niche down your jewelry collection altogether, or you're just trying to take a minimalist style to your jewelry game, Mettle by Abby's got your back! The most important things you'll need are comfort, quality, joy and one of a kindness, and you can fearlessly shop the entirety of Mettle by Abby knowing you have all 4 must haves in every piece available!

So go ahead, find your new favorite piece! ..

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