How to Stop Losing Earrings and 5 Simple Earring Tips

We’ve all held on to a single, solitary earring in the hopes of finding its mate, or getting a match made. I want to share with you some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned from over a decade of experience in the jewelry industry on how to stop losing earrings, and what to do with the unmatched friends you’ve collected.


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Here’s a great reference picture for the different styles!

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First off, I recommend doing a little inspection of your earrings before putting them on. If it’s a hoop or a friction back and the catch seems a little loose, DON’T WEAR THEM!  Take them in to your local, trusty jeweler and have them adjust the tension. 

How you store your earrings is important!  I recommend keeping a zippered jewelry pouch in your purse so you can safely store your earrings if you need to take them out when you aren’t at home.


no more lost studs


Put one stud through the friction back of another and they will be a packaged deal! I find that they don’t roll away as easily and it’s more difficult to lose them when they are bigger!


On the topic of screw backs… just don’t.

Personally, I think they’re painful to put in (like a cheese grater in my ear!) and I don’t have 10 minutes each day to spend twirling those things in and out! 

You’re far more likely to lose them - I’ve sold so many more screw back replacements than friction backs.  Typically, once you finally get the screw back earrings in, you live in them, never checking to see if they’re still in there nice and tight.  They gradually unwind themselves requiring you to find a new back, which is more difficult than finding a friction back to match.


On the other hand, friction backs are great! 

The back has good tension and towards the end of the earring post there is a channel cut so that the back won’t come off without a tug.


A basic hook style can be a good option.

You can just slip them on and you can easily hang them on a jewelry tree or cup when you aren’t wearing them. The problem I’ve come across is that most hook styles are round and, just like a wheel, they will roll right out of your ear.

There are many styles of hoops out there and I would say the most important thing is to be mindful of the tension. If the hoop opens too easily, you might need to get the tension adjusted. Personally, I can’t wear hoops if I have my hair down because I always end up yanking them out when I do a hair flip!


To avoid this, I came up with my own shape that sits comfortably in your ear and stays put!  My earring backs come to a point at the top where it will sit in your ear lobe.  It’s comfortable and stable.


Mettle by Abby Earring Backs

the best kind of earring


You can always go with the trusty lever back earring, but I’ve found that it can often be distracting to many designs. They’re usually a little more expensive and difficult to put on. The spring locking back that flips up gives many people a feeling of security.


So what do you do with those lone, unmatched earring? 

Well, you could certainly rock just the one earring, but it does take the right earring and style to pull this hot trend off. Sometimes you can have the earrings transformed into a pendant or find someone to make you a match, but it isn’t going to be easy, inexpensive, or look exactly the same.

There are options besides throwing them away - In the past, I’ve taken single earrings and cut them in half to make a set, turned it into a pendant, or even taken the stones out and used them in a custom pair of earrings that will not fall out. 



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