From Tattoo to Custom Necklace

Designing jewelry for someone you haven't met yet is exhilarating, especially when the person commissioning the piece gives you a fun new concept: design a necklace to go with their tattoo!

Shelley really loves her daughter's appetite for nature and she wanted to celebrate that, just as her daughter had done when she got a GORGEOUS tattoo of Georgia native flowers (with a spider, snail, and salamander to boot!) A custom piece of jewelry was just the way to do it!

from tattoo to custom sterling silver necklace.

When I sketch jewelry, it isn't always beautiful, but I have no shame in sharing it with you. ;)

We wanted to make it reversible so she could have a little extra surprise or two! Mountains and a sky on one side, and a small crop of Georgia native flowers on the other. Shelley chose a vibrant blue sodalite! (You may have seen this stone before, it's one my friend Trena brought back from Chamonix, France after she ran the UTMB there. You can read more about that here.)

I started by making tiny silver flowers...

tiny silver flowers

and then things started to come together...

in progress picture of sterling silver handmade jewelry

See the tiny snail at the top right? I really like that little guy.

from tattoo to custom necklace silver handmade mettle

And check out the other side of the mountain!

handmade custom silver necklace designed from tattoo mountain side with cloud

Thank you, Shelley!

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