UTMB Jewelry - How to Commemorate an Amazing Race

If you're into running, I don't have to tell you what the UTMB is, you already know it is the most difficult race in the world. 106 MILES in 46 hours or less and elevation changes that are intense (not to mention the weather can be rough!) But the race isn't just the most difficult race in the world, it's also hard to even just get the chance to go! You have to spend years earning points from running other races and then be entered into a lottery!

So you can understand how proud and excited I am for my friend Trena. She ran the UTMB this year and you need to read her story here. 

If you want motivation for whatever it is you're facing, look no further. She has inspired many! If you want to read more of her back story and see how she got here, read this blog post an inspired runner wrote about her!

So, how do you even begin to commemorate such an outstanding accomplishment? 

Well... While Trena was in Chamonix, France (the beginning and finishing line of the race) she found some sodalite gemstones she couldn't go home without. Sodalite is similar in color to lapis lazuli, but has more of a purple to it, it's even fluorescent under UV light!

soldalite and gemstones from Chamonix, France

Most of these stones are sodalite, but the black and white one is zebra jasper and the two green ones are serpentine.

Trena brought these stones back for me and said, "I want you to make me a piece with the UTMB logo on it, and the rest of the stones are for you to make whatever you want!" (I have the best friends! Rocks are the way to my heart! Thank you, Trena!)

UTMB Race Logo

She brought these back from her journey to Chamonix, France and if you want to have something made with one, I'm opening up the door for you! It's so simple and easy to get a custom piece! Just let me know what you want here and I will gladly design for you and get you a quote and sketch within days. (Sterling silver custom orders are usually around $150-250.)

UTMB Necklace with logo

You don't have to have run the UTMB to make this a special piece to remind you to "KFM" (read her blog.) The inspiration to keep moving will get you where you need to go and more!

If the inspiration to keep moving can get people to run and complete the world's most difficult race, what can it do for you?!

UTMB Mountain Mont Blanc Necklace

(OH! And it's reversible!!!)

Thank you, Trena. You truly rock.

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