February Birthstone Guide


February Birthstone Guide Mettle by Abby

Have you ever wondered why or how each month's birthstones were chosen? Or maybe you have a February birthday and you're wondering about your birthstone and what alternatives there are? If you're interested in Amethyst Earrings, Amethyst Necklaces, and Amethyst Rings...   I'm about to uncover the answers to those questions and more!

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Here's what's ahead:

  • What is February's birthstone? and what does it mean?
  • How did February birthstone get chosen?
  • What are alternative birthstones for February?
  • What does February's birthstone look like?
  • What if I don't like my February birthstone?
  • Why you should wear Amethyst jewelry?

What is February's birthstone? and what does it mean?

February's birthstone is one of the most loved gemstones, Amethyst. Amethyst is the most popular (and rarest!) member of the Quartz family.

The word "amethyst" translates to "not intoxicated" in English and it has a rich lore and history in which people believe it to keep the wearer from getting intoxicated, so you can easily see how people will use this gemstone for clarity.

If you want to know more about Amethyst (including atypical Amethyst and the power of purple) check out this article!

How did February birthstone get chosen?

The 12 birthstones go all the way back to the days of Moses and Aaron in the Old Testament. Arron's breastplate had 12 gemstones on it and this was the foundation of the 12 birthstones. It's likely that the 12 gems on the breastplate were later associated with zodiac signs and then later translated to the 12 months of the year. As with many of our traditions, there are many layers and a rich history behind them!

What are alternative birthstones for February?

February is one of the month's with the least options for alternative birthstones, unlike December which has a handful. However! You can substitute Amethyst for Pearl or Jasper. With either of these, there are MANY color variants, so if you don't like purple, you can find both Pearls and Jasper in almost ANY COLOR!

What does February's birthstone look like?

February's birthstone Amethyst is purple! Now, you may have heard about Green Amethyst, Pink Amethyst, Black Amethyst... the list goes on... all of these are simply Quartz with a cuter name. True Amethyst is only within the purple spectrum of colors. Most of the time, Amethyst found in jewelry is transparent and free of inclusions, but as times change and people grow more in love with alternatives and the full range of nature's beauty, more and more unique forms of Amethyst are being used. 

For example, this incredible trapiche Amethyst shows off the crystalline formations of the Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst Trapiche Crystal

Also, Raw Amethyst is stunning and often features the pointed crystal structure.

What if I don't like my February birthstone?

Don't like Amethyst? or Purple? But want to wear your birthstone? You've got options!

You can always sport any color of Quartz and call it Amethyst. Even though purple Quartz is the only true Amethyst, tons of brands are calling Green Quartz "Green Amethyst." You can, too!

You can also choose to go with the alternative for February and choose a Pearl or Jasper! Jasper is in the Quartz family, too, but comes in any color and is opaque (no light shines through) rather than translucent. 

If you want to stick to the tradition of Amethyst but aren't a big fan, I suggest getting a piece of jewelry with a smaller Amethyst in it. The purple won't overwhelm you and you've still got your traditional birthstone!

Why you should wear Amethyst jewelry?

Even though Amethysts are the most rare Quartz, the gemstone isn't that expensive! And the color is stunning! Wearing a one-of-a-kind piece of Amethyst jewelry is sure to brighten your day and add a pop of regal wow to your ensemble!

Across many cultures, it is believed that wearing Amethyst jewelry will protect you from negativity and keep your mind clear. Even just the color purple works on an emotional level to produce feelings of mystery, creativity, and wonder. It's also a soothing and calming color to have in your life.

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In conclusion...

February's birthstone (Amethyst) is a bright and vibrant purple Quartz, but you can substitute a Pearl or Jasper. Amethyst is the most valuable and popular gemstone in the Quartz family and has a rich history of inspiring clear-headedness and a feeling of power and majesty! 

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