All About Amethyst and Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones, and easily the most popular member of the Quartz family. Although this stone is popular and well known, there are many things about it and its history that may surprise you!

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Amethyst's name is Greek in origin, essentially translating to "not intoxicate," as the ancients believed wearing an Amethyst would prevent you from being intoxicated. (Perfect stone for Dry January or Sober October? Maybe!) Since Amethyst means "not intoxicate," today, many people have taken that history and see the gemstone as being a way to increase mental clarity. Whether you believe in special abilities of gemstones or not, the history behind this gemstone is a fun talking point, and can even help you decide an Amethyst will make the perfect gift for someone (or for yourself!)

The Power of Purple

On top of the history of Amethyst, the color purple carries an abundance of meaning that Amethyst can do for evoking emotion and feeling. Purple is associated with royalty, the sub-conscious, magic, creativity, imagination and mystery. It was once an expensive color to achieve in clothing and thus reserved for royalty. Wearing purple gives you a feeling of intrigue and power, but you don't have to throw on a full blown purple power suit to do this! Adding a little of purple's magic to your day can be as easy as donning an Amethyst necklace or Amethyst ring! Hey, you might even have some added mental clarity to go with it!

Purple isn't for everyone. It's one of those colors people either LOVE or avoid. I bet you can think of at least a handful or people right now that are crazy for purple. 

all about amethyst crystals and jewelry

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Care of Amethysts

Amethyst is one of the easiest gemstones to care for! Just wash you Amethyst and Amethyst jewelry in warm soapy water to reveal that beautiful gem! Being Quartz, it is a strong gem, but it can still get scratched, so don't wear it when you go around punching brick walls or anything like that.

Giving Amethyst

Give an Amethyst to someone you treasure. You can tell them that the depth and mystery of the gemstone reminds you of them and their creative mind. Perhaps you have someone in your life that needs a little clarity, this makes a great opportunity to gift them an Amethyst piece! Amethyst is also the birthstone for anyone born in February as well as the 6th and 9th anniversary gemstone.

Amethyst earrings are a great fashion piece to have or give. Studs are more conservative and easier on sensitive ear, while larger dangling earrings are more expressive.

Amethyst necklaces are more intimate than earrings. Sitting right over the heart, giving an Amethyst necklace can speck to the closeness you feel to someone.

Amethyst rings are also more intimate than earrings and will serve as a more frequent reminder to the person wearing it. Every time they see their hand, they'll think of you and why you gave them an Amethyst ring.

Atypical Amethyst

The most traditional Amethysts in jewelry are fully faceted, just like a Diamond, but with Mettle by Abby, I want to bring you exciting and wildly one of a kind, too! Amethyst is a stunning gem! As far as Amethyst jewelry goes, you can enjoy it in it's raw and uncut glory, faceted, cabochon, druzy, rose cut... There's even chevron Amethysts and Amethyst crystals in their natural state! I love the trapiche Amethyst in which you can see the structure of the Amethyst crystal (picture below.)

Amethys crystal necklace trapiche

You might have heard of a "Green Amethyst, "Pink Amethyst," or "Black Amethyst" before. This is a creative name for a green Quartz, pink or Rose Quartz, or black Quartz. There is no difference between "Pink Amethyst" and pink Quartz, other than the name. Al these stones are part of the Quartz family and they each display their particular color as a result of the heated temperatures they've endured and the presences of various minerals and chemicals in them.


Amethyst is all about having a clear mind and purpose inside, while exhibiting a mysterious and regal appearance outward. It makes a great gift when you want someone to know you treasure them. 

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