Best Nature Inspired Fall Jewelry You'll Want to Wear All Year

You can definitely wear leaves all year round, but you might feel extra inspired to wear them as the weather starts cooling off!

These are a few of my favorites you can still round up for yourself in time!

If you're having trouble picking a favorite, you can't go wrong with the sterling silver branch pieces with the 14k gold leaves. I designed them to stay looking awesome and to really bring out the gold.

I gave a ring to my mom and she never takes it off.

Now is your chance to fearlessly wear autumnal orange!

Here's a few custom pieces I made that have me getting in the Autumn mood!


 antler jewelry

Antler jewelry gives that nature inspired, leaves are falling vibe.

antler jewelry handmade

Especially when you can pin a scarf with it!

sapphire leaf necklace

For this piece, we reset a sapphire into a funky fresh leaf pendant she will be layering with a few other favorites!

Get yourself ready for the season!

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