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Robin's Branch Necklace

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Robin's Branch Necklace // Turquoise Branch and Leaf Necklace in Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold

Turquoise jewelry is stunning! And a sea foam green shade with expressive veins sets this branch necklace a step above of the rest!

Measuring approximately 9mm (a little larger than 1/3''), this turquoise will stand up, but not over power the 2'' sterling silver branch it rests on.

But there are two noteworthy beauties on this piece! Don't forget that brightly shinning 14k yellow gold leaf that was hand forged and gleams alongside your new best turquoise friend!

The branch necklace is soldered in place on an 18'' sterling silver cable chain, so you won't have to worry about the clasp sliding around to the front!

As always, if you require a different length, different clasp, or have any questions at all, we will happily accommodate!

Celebrating an 11 year anniversary? Turquoise is the 11th year anniversary gift!