October Birthstone Guide

October Birthstone Guide Mettle by Abby

October is such a fantastic month! (And I'm not just saying that because my birthday is on the 2nd!) The weather starts cooling down, people get campfire fever, and a whole new smorgasbord of delicious seasonal foods are rolled out!

As far as birthstones are concerned, if you're born in October, or shopping for someone that is, than you have every color of the rainbow available to you, or even a stone with every color in it!

There is SO MUCH to learn and discover about opal (and its history- Queen Victoria!), but this is your QUICK GUIDE!

Quick opal tidbits:

  • it isn't bad luck to wear an opal, in fact, most cultures consider it lucky!
  • opals are soft stones, so if you're rough on jewelry, be careful
  • opals are usually around 10% water (they are formed by RAIN!)
  • almost all opals come from Australia

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    What really sets opals apart is their fire and range of color! You can easily get lost looking into an opal and watching the way it plays in the light. If you don't own one already, I recommend having at least 1 in your collection.


    Opal isn't the only official birthstone for October! Tourmaline is just as stunning and comes in almost ANY color you could want! AND it is frequently found in cool bi-color and tri-color combinations!

    watermelon tourmaline

    A few quick tourmaline tidbits:

    • tourmaline has been confused with other gemstones throughout history
    • it comes in all colors
    • it is pyroelectric (when heated or rubbed, one end of the crystal will become positively charged and the other negatively charged)
    • it is the national gemstone of the US (bet cha didn't know that!)

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    Carved Tourmaline

    I see very few objections when working with people that want an October birthstone. It's easy to see that there is a literal rainbow of options! Perhaps the only issue that arises is that of price, but that is easily moved in either direction! Opals can easily be more expensive than diamonds! But that doesn't mean they have to be be! 

    The same goes for tourmaline. You can find a beautiful and perfect for you tourmaline in any price range.

    As always, I love answering any questions you have, so don't be shy! 

    Happy Birthday, my fellow October babes!


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