What to do with sentimental jewelry that can't be soldered

Have you ever lost an earring and you aren't ready to give up wearing it?!

Have you ever had a piece of costume jewelry that broke and you aren't ready to put it away and stop wearing it?

I have a simple and beautiful solution for you!

If you've lost an earring, but still have the mate, you can wear it like a pin!

opal seahorse earring

Here is a seahorse earring a mother brought me that the post broke off of. The earrings were very sentimental to her daughter and she wanted to wear it whenever she went on stage, but since the post had broken off, she wasn't able to. Yes, she could go to Amazon and order a new pair, but it wouldn't be HER  earring. I love the power, beauty and story behind a sentimental piece. There were limits to this piece: it couldn't be soldered, polished, or worked on much without destroying it.

I offered a unique solution:

I could set the earring like it was a gemstone!

sentimental seahorse pin

I made a sterling silver setting for her earring and added a strong post so she could wear it as a pin, I even engraved a special message on the back for her.

If you have a sentimental piece of jewelry that can't be soldered on or is very delicate, feel free to send me an e-mail at: mettlebyabby@gmail.com

I would love to help you preserve your treasure! 

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