Wedding Wreath and Necklace

I can't believe I didn't put these two together! (Thank you, Julia!)

I've been enjoying making these wreath necklaces...


(Don't worry, I will be posting a few new ones next week for you to shop online!)

wedding wreath jewelry necklace moss agate

Anyway... my friend Julia said they reminded her of the wreath my husband and I made for our wedding altar! Now I know why I've been loving these necklaces so much!

wedding wreath vines and flowers green and white

Ain't it fun how something like a wreath can inspire us in so many ways!?

By the way, this wreath was SUPER easy to make! There were tons of big, beautiful vines hanging from the tops of the trees in Malachi's backyard. We just went out there one afternoon, pulled a few down, then braided and twisted them together into a circle on the ground. We left it there to dry a little, and voila! We plan on keeping it, but maybe on the front porch. :)

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