UTMB 100 Mile Race Rings

I am so excited for a friend of mine, Trena! 

She will be leaving soon to go run 100 miles in 46 hours or less (I didn't even know humans could do that before I met her)! This race is extremely difficult to even get into, much less finish, but Trena is pretty incredible.

 Watch this video about race and I DARE you to not get the chills!


These two rings will be worn by Trena and a friend as they start the 100 mile race that starts in Chamonix, France. 

I will update you when she gets back!

Oh! And here's a video of me stamping the letters into the ring!

If you have a milestone or big event coming up, don't miss the chance to create a meaningful piece of jewelry you can carry with you during and after! It imbues the piece with priceless sentiment and leaves you with a conversation piece and a reminder of your journey!

Contact me, Abby, to start the conversation today!


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