Unique and Handmade Deer Antler Jewelry

One day, Bruce and Rose brought me 2 of the tiniest and most beautiful deer antlers I have ever seen.

roe deer antlers for making jewelry

They got these in Germany. They belonged to the roe deer that are very common there. These little guys only weigh between 22-70 pounds full grown with a shoulder height of 2.5 feet or less! 

tiny roe deer

They're basically the same size as my Nigerian Dwarf goats!

Nigerian Dwarf goats in the snow

And don't worry! They shed their antlers just like our deer, so if you really want some, you don't have to kill a deer, but I've heard they're delicious...

With the first 2 antlers they brought me, I made a pin and a necklace for Rose. We even set 3 of Rose's diamonds into the pendant!

roe deer antler jewelry set

I think we all really enjoyed the transformation of these antlers. I was super excited when they came back with a third one a few months later and asked me to make a pin for a friend! 

roe deer antler jewelry with acorns and oak leaves

They said they wanted silver oak leaves and acorns wrapping around the antler. I hand carved each one and hand fabricated the pin stem mechanism. This is the beauty of hand-forged, one of a kind pieces... you can make sketches come to life!

deer antler jewelry

Here is the finished piece side by side with the sketch that Bruce brought me.

sketch and finished piece deer antler jewelry

I love the opportunity to turn people's ideas into real pieces! If you have something in your head or on paper that you want to have made, let me know! 

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