Tour My Tiny House! (Less than 100 Square Feet!)

In 2015, I sold my big house and moved into a super tiny one. I'm getting married in 2 1/2 weeks and moving in with my husband, so my tiny house days are numbered!

My studio is more than 5x's larger than my house! Priorities, right?!

In 2016, James DeGroot shot this tour of my tiny house and I am excited to finally share it with you! (Thank you, Jimmy! You rock!)

Here's a panoramic view of the inside of my house:

Inside Tiny House

 And the view from the roof!

Tiny House Roof View

Sometimes I can't believe I only took a few before pictures. This place was FULL of stuff and old shelves. There was no insulation, drywall, or nice floors. 

Before Picture

  I had some help! This is me and my mom doing drywall. You can tell how we feel about it.

Tiny House Drywall!

She built me a bed frame from a dresser and custom built a headboard I designed that had tons of storage room! The footprint of the bed takes up over a quarter of  the floor space!

 Tiny House Storage Bed

Having a high ceiling really helps the space feel big, and a disco ball in the attic helps, too!

Tiny House Ceiling

I really recommend having a disco ball. :)

Tiny House Disco Ball

Here's my kitchen. She boasts an antique freezer/refrigerator, a gravity powered rain barrel fed sink, a hot plate, and a little cupboard. 

Tiny House Kitchen

I have an option to hang a hammock up for when I need extra space/seating. Let's face it, a hammock is way more fun than a chair! (This picture is before I got my curtains.)

Tiny House Hammock

When you live in a tiny house and the weather is nice, your yard is often an extension of your house. I LOVE that I have a tiered garden right outside my door. It makes for an excellent living room!

Tiny House Tiered Garden

Here's a view of the back of my tiny house, in spring while all the fruit trees in my backyard are in beautiful bloom.

Tiny House in Spring Backyard

Here she is in the snow. Oh yeah, did I tell you she's got a name? Tina.

Tiny House in the Snow

And here's Tina at night. She's always a welcoming little cottage to come home to.

tiny house at night

There were lots of nice surprises from going tiny. You know how people can tell you all about a country you've never been to and you can watch all the shows and read all the books you can find about it, but there's nothing like actually going there? One of the most exciting parts about actually going there is all the subtle differences you experience that no one could convey. I will try to share a few with you, but honestly... you really just have to go there. Don't worry about what you can't take with you. You won't even miss it. In fact, you'll gain so much more than you ever imagined.

So here's a rough list of the things I discovered:

1) It’s easier to find things when you have less stuff (and a smaller house)
2) It’s way faster to clean a tiny house
3) You spend more time outside
4) Even when you’re inside, you feel like you’re outside because every wall is an exterior wall
5) When you have less STUFF, you have MORE TIME!
6) You need so much less than you imagined 
7) Tiny house, tiny bills!
8) It takes a lot less time and energy to cool or heat a tiny space

Tiny House Lessons

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