The World's Biggest Gem Show!

I'm going back to Tucson this year! I threw some pictures together of one of the last times I went. When I tell you this is the world's largest gem show, I mean it. And it isn't just 1 show, it's the WHOLE CITY! Last time I went, my friend Nicole and I rode around town on the gem shuttles where we discovered just how expansive this thing is! 

aisles of gem stones in tucson arizona

Motels are turning into gem and rock super malls, huge heated tents pop up all over the place filled with thousands upon thousands of people selling gemstones from all around the world!

tucson arizona agta gem show

I mean, it is EASY to get lost in all there is to see out there! Not to mention all the really cool cacti!

abby fincannon saguro catus

Oh! Did I mention that you can buys dinosaurs by the pound out there?!

buy a dinosaur in tucson

Have you ever seen this many pearls at once?

so many pearls tucson arizona gem show

It's also kind of crazy to me that often the same venders are in the same spot each year. It's super helpful when you want to go back and get more great stuff from them!

favorite diamond guy in tucson arizona

I'm really excited to be going this year with my husband! He's never been out west! He has no idea how much fun he's about to have! 

When we get back we want to do an event so you can see what we got out there, as well as claim a rock or two for yourself for a really spectacular custom piece! Be sure to sign up for my e-mail (there's a link at the bottom of this page) because you are NOT going to want to miss this opportunity and you'll need to get my e-mail for the details.

shopping for herkimer diamonds in tucson abby fincannon

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