Sketch to finish - Simple Initial Pearl Ring for Her

A fellow wanted to make a custom ring for his girlfriend. Custom is certainly the way to go when you want to give something special and unique that no one else has!

Here's the sketch he gave me:

sketch pearl initial ring

He said he wanted a blue pearl to go in there. Now, you can find very blue pearls that are died that way, but we went we a natural freshwater blue pearl.

natural blue freshwater pearls

Whenever a piece is in the process of being made, it can look rather funky and strange, so often people don't post pictures of it.

simple pearl initial ring for her

I rather like the process, so I enjoy these stages, especially since it adds to the wow factor of the finished piece!

freshwater pearl initial ring

If you're interested in knowing more about this process or have been thinking about getting a piece made yourself, sign up for my e-mail and you'll get even further behind the scenes (and some pretty amazing opportunities that just may include FREE custom jewelry!)

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