September Birthstone Guide

September Birthstone Guide Mettle by Abby

Did you know that September is the most popular birth month?

Good thing it claims one of the most popular birthstones, SAPPHIRE!

I think I'd have to go so far as to say that it also claims the most favorite color, BLUE!

And it doesn't just come in one shade of blue! It comes in all of them!

light blue sapphire ring

Personally, I love the light blue, especially when set in rose gold and silver!

  yellow gold sapphire ring

And it also looks great in yellow gold! You can see on the ring above that the sapphire has two colors! This is a common and beautiful occurrence!

But you don't have to like blue to love sapphire. Sapphire comes in so many colors, shades, bi-colors, color-shifting, and multi-sparkle that make it a killer gemstone.


Pink sapphire rings are becoming an excellent engagement ring choice, along with the other fancy colors. 

Yellow Sapphire Ring

On top of that, sapphire is such a strong and durable stone, that it is often used in engagement rings! It can even handle the heat of the torch, just like diamond!

And did I mention there are STAR SAPPHIRES?! These babies have a 6 pointed star that shoots out of the stone when light hits it! It's caused by the way the crystalline structure in the stone is arrayed and the effect is beautiful, like a cat's eye effect in a star formation!

handmade star sapphire ring light blue

So why would someone born in September object to having a few sapphires in their life?

One of the (perceived) drawbacks I've seen with people wanting to buy sapphires and sapphire jewelry, is the price. So allow me to clear the mist...

Sapphires don't have to cost an arm and a leg!

Nope. In fact, aside from the super rare and breath taking ones that are out of most people's budgets, my favorite sapphires are the low cost ones. Let me explain.

 sapphire rainbow

 The lower cost sapphires are oozing with personality! They boast inclusions, strange and beautiful colors and are often cut in unusual and irregular shapes that require a custom made piece of jewelry made for them.

I have linked any of the pieces above to where you can buy them, however, most are custom and therefore already sold. For those, I linked them to my contact page. You can always call, text, or e-mail me if you're looking for a truly unique and stunning piece! Even if we are miles apart, I can send you pictures of stones I have and we can work up an awesome piece for you or someone you treasure! Oh! And if you're wondering how much something like this can cost, you might be surprised! A custom Mettle by Abby piece can start at around $150! And some of the sapphires above are $50-100!

I'm not kidding! And a quote is totally FREE!

Why aren't we talking about your next piece yet!?

I also do a variety of events and free custom contests, so make sure you've signed up for my e-mail, because that's often the only way you'll hear about super great opportunities like that!

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