Self-Employment Perk

The beauty of being self-employed is the amount of flexibility your life can have! Sure, you can easily get wrapped up and just as busy as any other 9-5er, but if you're intentional about having a flexible life, you can have it!

As an artist, it can be very inspiring to switch your medium and explore a different avenue!

The other day, Malachi, my very soon to be husband, decided he wanted to sit at my bench and make something. He's a third generation jewelry, but most of his experience is on the computer designing engagement rings for people with CAD. 

This day, however, he said, "teach me how you make a ring." Four hours later, he handed me this:

handmade jewelry gift box

He actually cranked out two pieces for me. :) I've got to say, even though I can go make myself jewelry whenever I want, it's still my favorite gift to receive, especially when someone made it for me.

handmade silver and garnet ring


handmade silver and garnet necklace

Folks, even if you don't think someone is a "jewelry person," or they "have too much jewelry...."

you can't go wrong giving someone handmade jewelry!

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