July Birthstone Guide

July Birthstone Guide Mettle by Abby

Ruby Month: July Birthstone Guide

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! There aren't many objections to Rubies as the July birthstone, and there's only 1 alternative birthstone for this Summer month (and it's very similar in color!) But fear not! I'm here to help you out!

Objection 1: I don't like red.

Rubies are red and the alternative birthstone for July is Carnelian, also red but with a bit of orange. So, what do you do if you want to wear your July birthstone but want to avoid red? Go with any color Sapphire your heart desires! Did you know that Rubies are just red Sapphires!? and Sapphires come in pretty much any color! So go nuts! Rewrite the rules!

Not ready to bend the rules and still want to wear your traditional birthstone? Just get a piece with a dainty Ruby in it. Who said it needed to be main stage anyway? Downplay the red and up-play a design that fits you!


Objection 2: Rubies are too expensive.

They don't have to be! Yes, they can out-price a diamond, but they don't have to! Deep red Rubies with high clarity are rare and expensive, but there's a lot of raw, rough, and/or smaller Rubies that are beauts in their own right and under $200! You can always go with a Carnelian, which is much less costly than a Ruby!

These Ruby earrings are under $100!

Check out this big Ruby I set in a ring, and she's only $254!

If Rubies are too expensive for you or you don't like their particular shade of red, go with any of the other red gemstones out there! I particularly love Cherry Quartz, it's almost like a red Sunstone. Check this one of a kind lovely out!

Alright, now for some sweet facts about Rubies!

  • Rubies are red Sapphires

  • Rubies and Sapphires are the hardest gemstones after Diamonds and they can even take heat that most gems can't

  • Ruby jewels symbolize love and passion 

  • Rubies are used in the Bible to symbolize wisdom and beauty

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