Ring Re-Design // For Shannon

Ring Re-Design // For Shannon

What's even better than a wedding set re-design?     ! 2 !

After re-designing Monti's wedding set, her sister brought her's to me as well! If you want to see what we did with Monti's rings, you can see the story here.

Let me tell you about her sister, Shannon. She wanted to keep the ring as in tact as possible by not recasting the gold. The most common ring remakes involve recasting your gold, but they have to add in fresh gold a lot of the time and the design is often very different.

wedding ring redesign

Shannon knew what she wanted: taper the back, and set the diamonds from the band on either side of her center stone in a cluster of 3.

Here's the ring after I soldered the brand new stone mountings onto her original wide band.

wip engagement ring redesign

Then I had to go in with my jeweler's saw and cut the wide band down.

wip engagement ring redesignwip engagement ring redesign

You can see the blue Sharpie marks I made to plan out what to take and what to leave.

I really love how transformed this ring came out, even though we kept so much of the original in tact!

mettle by abby ring redesign

The best part, however, is when the ring goes back to it's home.

Monti, thank you for sharing my work with your sister, and Shannon, thank you so much for the honor of re-designing your wedding set!

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