"SUPER" Recycled Silver Jewelry

If you're wondering what all those cool colors on the silver bubbles are, that's what happens when you heat the silver up. I'm still looking for a good way to preserve it for jewelry :)

Did you know that the vast majority of silver and gold jewelry being made today is from recycled metal!? Not every jeweler advertises it as such. It would actually be far more difficult to get freshly mined silver or gold than it is to get recycled metal.

Jewelers send their scrap metal (all the way down to the dust they sweep off the floor!) to have it refined and to make back a portion of what was lost in the creation process.

I decided to take it a step farther. I decided to try melting pieces I couldn't use and turn them into pieces I COULD!

Here's a video of me melting silver "scrap" into fun little "bubbles!"

I had so much fun coming up with all sorts of one of a kind pieces of jewelry with these.

Here is a sneak peak of a few pieces... more to come very soon, but there's already a few on here you can go ahead and claim yours today!

recycled sterling silver jewelry

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