Pottery Gift with Purchase 2 Day Event!

On Monday, May 25 @ noon through May 26, a select new collection of Mettle by Abby jewelry will come with a special gift! Each piece in this collection has been inspired by a piece of pottery that I made. While jewelry is my "day job," pottery is a fun hobby I've had and dabbled in the past few years.

People have asked me about buying my pottery, but I never started making pottery with intent to sell it, and I don't see that changing. So... you can't buy it, but for 2 days you can receive one as a gift! I was inspired when I saw a gemstone sitting next to one of my newest mugs and I knew this had to happen!

I'm giving you an opportunity to pre-shop all these pieces before they are available on the website. Don't miss this opportunity, if you aren't already signed up for my emails, do it now and you won't miss your chance to be the first to see this sweet new collection! Sign up now.

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