November Birthstone Guide

November Birthstone Guide Mettle by Abby

When I think of November, the most popular birthstone for the month (Citrine) comes to mind. The yellow-orange to red-orange Quartz is such a happy and warm color for a month that in many areas starts to get cool. Not everyone like orange, though, and if that's you and you're also born in November, I have good news! Topaz is just as equally your birthstone and it comes in MANY colors! Before you decide which is your favorite, let me share some interesting qualities about both gemstones...



  • found in a variety of yellows and oranges from a pale honey to a deep red-orange
  • Citrine is Quartz, just like Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz
  • most Citrines today were actually Amethyst at first and were then heat treated to bring out the yellows and oranges
  • iron gives Citrine its yellow/orange color
  • before the modern era, Citrine was often mistaken for Topaz (which leads me to believe this might be why both are used for November's birthstone)
  • Citrine's bright and cheerful yellows and oranges can help brighten your day, inspire you, and fill you with optimism and energy! 
  • Shop ready to wear Citrines!


  • yellow-orange is the natural color of Topaz, but treatments and impurities can give it a variety of colors
  • yellow or orange Topaz is the most traditional for a November birthstone
  • Mystic Topaz has been given an artificial coating on its back to create an oil slick color effect (used mainly for costume jewelry)
  • I've heard "topaz" translated as both "fire" and "to seek"
  • Shop ready to wear Topaz!


Both gems are quite hard and durable, making either an excellent choice for a ring or any other kind of jewelry you desire.

If you want to wear your November birthstone, but don't like yellow or orange, opt for a blue Topaz instead!

Citrine is often the least expensive of the 2, both gems can be low-cost, but Imperial Topaz and natural pinks can get costly, as can naturally colored Citrine.

Of course, you can always go with a lovely yellow or orange gemstone that you love for your November birthstone! There's Amber, Carnelian, Cameos, Sunstones, and Agates that will happily help you celebrate!

Check out the ready to wear November birthstones and see what makes you smile! Click here!

november birthstone guide

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