Mother's Stackable Rings with Birthdate, Initial, and Birthstone!

My friends Katie and Melissa both became mothers this year, and the even cooler part is that they both had sons 2 weeks apart! Even though they are sisters, their experiences were WILDLY DIFFERENT! These ladies are smart, motivated, creative and FULL of love for their children.

It's easy to understand that the most learning comes from overcoming obstacles and trials. Well, these beautiful mama's got a dose of that! And the best part? They are SHARING IT ALL WITH YOU! 

Southern as a Mother

Honesty is at the top of my list and these ladies will give you what they call "the good, the bad, and the bless your heart truth."

I invite you to check out their website where you will find something, even if you aren't a mother! I recommend checking out their freezer meals. As someone that has eaten a LOT of Katie's cooking, I can attest to the super deliciousness you will encounter making these recipes. 

Although Mother's Day is half a year away, I was inspired by Katie and Melissa to get some mother's rings up on my website. There will be more added, especially as we get closer to May, but why should mom have to wait? There's always Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries... Tuesday...

Stackable Mother's Rings

If you want to see the collection of pieces I have created for Katie and Melissa over the years, visit the Favorite Things section of their site and you'll get to hear the story behind the piece! 

Go support this awesome ladies by checking out their labor of love! You're sure to laugh, learn, and maybe even shed a tear.

 Mother's Stackable Birthstone Birthdate Rings

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