Moon Rock Necklace!

Here's a piece I made back in 2016, but the recent lunar eclipse had me thinking about how cool this was!

A man brought me an actual moon rock (!!!) and wanted to make a custom necklace for his wife. This guy LOVES meteors and can tell you more interesting things than I can about them. He even goes out and hunts for them!

We decided the moon rock needed to be set into it's own little silver moon, so I suggested a fun technique where I splash molten silver to create a crater like form!

silver splatter jewelry for moon rock

It's really, really fun to splash down some liquid silver :)

wip silver moon rock necklace

He had the identification numbers for this rock, so we engraved them on one side of the necklace.

Silver moon rock necklace

One of the things I really love about this piece is that he took something he was very passionate about and had a beautiful piece made for his wife!

If you have an idea you want to create, or if you need help coming up with a super meaningful piece, you don't have to worry! I am here to help!

silver moon rock necklace jewelry

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