Celebrating 10 Years of Mettle by Abby

I can't take the credit for these first 10 amazing years of jewelry design with Mettle by Abby.  Yes, I design and make every piece, but it's YOU that have shared my work, inspired what I make, and given me the motivation and joy to keep on creating.

At a milestone like a 10 year business anniversary, it's fun and rewarding to go back and look where you came from.  It seems like my four years at Winthrop University was forever ago, but as I look at this picture from my senior year at the Valentine's Day sale my metalsmith guild held, I see that some things never change.  I'm still highly motivated and inspired to design amazing jewelry and share in the community and stories around it! 

mettle by abby winthrop university

Here we are, the collection of Winthrop University Jewelry and Metals art students in 2010. I was a little busy selling my jewelry while they snapped a group photo. (I'm the gal on the far right.)

A few months after this picture was taken, I graduated with a BFA in Jewelry and Metals and moved just north of Atlanta, GA where I started Mettle by Abby.  

Mettle by Abby First case


My 7 years at David Douglas really connected me with people.  I got the chance to design and make my jewelry all while sitting right next to my case. 

Since 2017, I've been working from my private studio and expanding Mettle by Abby to new places.  It's been 3 years since I've left working inside the jewelry store every day, but no matter where I am, the song remains the same (cue the Led Zeppelin music.)  Even though I'm not in the store, I'm still granted the honor and access to the story behind the jewelry.  I'm still involved in my customers' worlds.  I'll be designing a piece for a couple's 50th anniversary coming up in a few months and get to incorporate elements of their journey into the design. I get to answer the phone and talk to a man hundreds of miles away as he describes his fiery wife and her beautiful spirit and then come up with a few ideas to capture his feelings for her in an expressive piece to shower her with love. 

Mettle by Abby goat studio


Thinking about wherever the next 10 years will take Mettle by Abby, I want it to be swathed in celebrating, connecting, and creating!  I want a piece in every state across America and I want to spread this culture of community and creativity.

Word of mouth is not just the way my business has grown over the years, but it's also the biggest compliment and testament that I'm on the right path and making the beautiful and one of a kind jewelry you want.  When you tell someone about Mettle by Abby, you help grow this small business more than you know!  As I look back at pieces I've made over this past decade, I can draw up a map in my mind of how you are all connected and my heart just swells with joy and love! You are so connected and woven into every part of this business.  It may be Mettle by Abby in name but it's Mettle by Community at heart.

So how shall we celebrate?! 

I want to start the next 10 years in a spirit of gratitude for what brought us here and carry it into the next 10 years!  So here's what I've got in store for you:

1. Share Mettle by Abby with 2 friends.

I don't mean in the cold and boring "tag 50 friends and enter to win a car" sort of a way. I'm talking a genuine and conversational "hey I think you'd really like this. It made me think of you" sort of a way.

2. Message me the first names of your 2 friends.

This is totally on the honor system, I trust you and I'm just so excited to be able to do this! You can text me (770-225-4696) or email me (abby@mettlebyabby.com)

3. You and your 2 friends get a $25 gift certificate to MettleByAbby.com!

I will reply to your message with your gift card codes for you and 2 friends!


***This opportunity is available for a limited number, so don't wait! Once the event is over, I will update this page and send out the message on social media.



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