June Birthstone Guide

 Mettle by Abby June Birthstone Guide

Did you know that June has 3 birthstones?! and one of them even changes color depending on the light!

What's ahead:

  • June Birthstone Quick Overview
  • Alexandrite (most rare)
  • Pearls (not vegan)
  • Moonstone (most popular)
  • In Conclusion...

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June Birthstone Quick Overview

Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone all share the honor of being June's birthstones. You might be most familiar with Pearls and Moonstones. Alexandrite is certainly the most rare of the 3 and can easily rival Diamonds in price!


Alexandrite Ring

Let's start out with Alexandrite. She's the one that changes color. In day light or fluorescent she shines enchanting green, but shine incandescent light or fire her way and she will show brown or purple colors. She can exhibit both colors when both lights are present, or even just from moving her around and looking from different angles!

Natural Alexandrites are typically small and expensive. But if you're really wanting one that doesn't cost more than a diamond, you can have a piece made with a synthetic version (and YES! they still color change!)



Pearl Wreath Necklace


A delicate, soft gem, Pearls are available in pretty much any color (often dyed such.) Pearls can range in price greatly for many reasons, but a large indicator is if they are salt water (like Akoya) or freshwater.

Saltwater Pearls are grown in oysters, and are more spherical, only have natural colors of whites, greys, peacock, and gold .

Freshwater Pearls are grown in mussels,are often funky, irregular shapes, and only naturally come in whites, pinks, and peaches.

Worth noting, this is not a vegan gemstone. Sometimes harvesting the Pearl can kill the oyster, but a good farmer knows how to keep it alive, but either way, it is an animal by-product. Pearls are said to be the only gemstone to be created from suffering and is often a symbol of overcoming trials and tribulations.

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Moonstone Ring

A flash of blue, a milky glow, and a cool allure, Moonstone is our 3rd June birthstone! This gem is the most valuable feldspar gemstone is very popular right now. The flashes of blue are an effect called adularescence. 

Moonstone has gained wild popularity and there's no wondering about why! 

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 In Conclusion...

Alexandrite is an excellent choice for a stunning, rare, higher end June birthstone piece, but many synthetics and lab grown Alexandrites are available for more accessibility. 

Pearls are a classic, but you might want a faceted gemstone if you're making a mother's ring, and if you're vegan, forget Pearls. It's one of the few non-vegan gemstones out there.

Moonstones are overall one of the most popular gemstones and the flash of blue brings a wonder to your jewelry that you are sure to enjoy, June birthday or not!

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