How to Stop Breaking Cuff Bracelets and How to Comfortably Wear Them

I'll be honest, I've not been much of a bracelet wearer. My favorite pieces of jewelry are earrings, rings, and necklaces. BUT! I have mad respect for all you bracelet wearers out there! I especially love it when I see an arm adorned with more jewelry than I could make in a year!

In a near decade of working in a fine jewelry store watching people put on all kinds of bracelets, I've learned a few things that work and a LOT of things that DON'T!
I want to share what I've learned with you, as well as tell you that at the forefront of every piece of jewelry I make, comfort and durability are wildly important. Jewelry should encourage you to wear it because it's comfortable, durable, and expresses how wildly one-of-a-kind you are.

In this video, you will see me taking on and off a cuff bracelet (that I made for Wendy and her sister from their mother's old cocktail ring! Full story here!) You'll notice that it's opening is front facing, but this works either way. I've learned that when the ends overlap a little, the bracelet is not only less likely to come off, but also easier and more comfortable to put on. The key is to turn it slightly sideways.


If nothing else, please don't resort to bending the bracelet open and close every time you put it on or take it off! This is the quickest way to break a cuff. 

A little engineering goes a long way! Ideally, your cuff bracelet should only need to flex a little to go and off. If you're needing to flex it enough that it changes the shape, then the fit and/or form are off and you are bending the metal and risking a break.


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