How to Re-Blacken or Oxidize Your Silver Jewelry

Blackened (or oxidized) jewelry is beautiful! It's bold, stunning and really gives gemstones and gold a contrasting POP! But, (rings especially) the oxidation fades quickly. So, how did the silver get such a nice black color in the first place? How can you get that back? I've got you! Here's a quick little video and infographic to help you do this at home!


  • soap (dish soap is best)
  • glass cup
  • plastic tongs or paintbrush with wood or plastic handle
  • Liver of Sulphur Extended Life Gel (you can get it on Amazon here)
  • polishing cloth
  • toothbrush or similar brush

Important Considerations:

  • do this in a ventilated area
  • follow safety on the bottle (don't eat it, get it in your eye or on your skin...)
  • don't do this to pieces with soft or fragile stones (like Pearls or Opals)
  • there are a lot of beauty products that have sulphur in them and you might not have to order any! (the Proactive Mask has enough sulphur to oxidize your jewelry!)
  • don't put any metal other than your jewelry in the sulphur solution
  • only put silver and gold jewelry in the solution (silver will turn black and gold will darken)

Step 1: WASH

You need to get all the oil and dirt off your jewelry. Gently scrub your piece with warm soapy water and a toothbrush. If a piece is particularly dirty, you can soak it for a few minutes first. Rinse off your piece and dry it.

Step 2: MIX

Screw the top off the sulphur (*pro tip: don't use the lid's pour spout-it's terribly messy.) Dip the end of your paintbrush or tongs into the sulphur and mix it in about half a cup of tap hot water. Don't get any water in the bottle, it'll shorten the shelf life of your sulphur. You want the color to be darker than a lemon peel.

Step 3: SOAK

Gently drop your cleaned jewelry in the solution and set a timer. Check on your piece about every 5 minutes until you like the color. Don't leave soaking without checking on it, you might get it too dark and it will ruin the finish on your silver.

Step 4: RINSE

Once you've got the color you want, take your piece out and give it a good rinse and even a quick scrub with the soapy water again. If you'd like, you can dry it off and give it a quick buff with a polishing cloth to add some lovely luster!


Rinse your sulphur solution down the drain with plenty of water and enjoy your refurbished jewelry!

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