First Christmas with Girlfriend Gift Guide

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First Christmas with Girlfriend Gift Guide

Giving jewelry doesn't have to be difficult, especially when you give a Mettle by Abby piece. You'll be giving her a wildly one of a kind piece no one else will ever have!

If it's your first Christmas together, jewelry is the perfect gift! Mettle by Abby jewelry says that you took the time to find something handmade, one of a kind and well made so that she will be able to wear it for many Christmas's to come!

If you haven't been together very long and things are still new, earrings are an excellent choice!

If you've been together for months and you want to get her something more personal and romantic, I recommend a necklace. Necklaces are more intimate than earrings and are worn closer to the heart.

Bracelets can be as intimate as a necklace and the benefit is that she will be able to see it while she's wearing it.

If this is the first piece of jewelry you get her, the most intimate would be a ring, so it may or may not be your first choice depending on how long you've been together.

Have fun shopping my collections of braceletsnecklaces, rings, and earrings, and also explore the filter options that allow you to not only shop by color and gemstone, but price as well. 

Here are the TOP 3 PICKS for a first Christmas gift for a girlfriend:

Pink Peony Earrings Mettle by Abby

These Pink Peony Earrings are hand carved with loads or detail and unlike any I've seen! These are a great gift if you want to wow her with something fresh and sweet.

 Silver Twist Cuff Bracelet Mettle by Abby

This hand forged Sterling Silver Bracelet makes an excellent 1st Christmas together present! This is a great gift that will frequently remind her of you.

Raw Opal Necklace

This Raw Opal Pendant made my top 3 pick because it's raw and unrefined, but beautiful and full of hidden sparkles inside the stone! This gift says that you are excited about your new relationship and all the potential!

If you're having trouble picking something out and want my help, feel free to email or text me. I've been helping people pick out the perfect gift for decades and I'd love to help you. Here's where you can contact me!

BONUS TIP: Have your girlfriend set up a wishlist on by clicking the hearts on each piece of jewelry she loves. Then she can e-mail you the list, you can pick something out you know she'll love, but it will still be a surprise because she won't know which piece you got her until she opens it!