Gemstones for Fall

In this picture: Dendrite Agates, Rose Cut Citrine, Cabochon Citrine, Rose Cut Carnelian, Cabochon Carnelian, and Peach Agate.

Nature has this incredible way of echoing itself in all that it does. Don't you see the changing leaves of Autumn in these stunning natural Dendrite agates? and landscapes of falling leaves?!

Autumn Gemstones

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There's something so fascinating about a rose cut gemstone. The way is sparkles and really brings out the deep colors of the stone. Carnelian and Citrine are not easy to find in a rose cut, so when I found these, I had to add them to the Mettle by Abby gemstone collection!

Another wild gemstone that is absolutely stunning are the Dendrites! I've had so many people stunned when they see my work featuring gemstones that these are naturally formed in the earth with all these beautiful trees, branches and ferns "painted" in them. I've often been asked "did you paint these?" or "how did you press the flowers in there?" I gladly respond that I did nothing, that's all mother earth. The other wonderful thing about these stones, no 2 can ever look alike. There is not another true match. They are like snowflakes, but more lasting and easily treasured for generations!

I was inspired to put this collection together after reading up on November's birthstones (Citrine and Topaz.) It brought to my mind how warm and lovely the yellows and oranges of these gemstones are. I wanted to make a collection of similarly colored gemstones for you to choose from that broadened the pallet. If you are wanting to celebrate the changing seasons, a transformation, or the beauty of harvest season, a wildly one of a kind piece of jewelry that echoes the beauty of nature is a simple but deep way to do so!

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