From Gem to Jewelry

Usually you have to commission a custom piece of jewelry to be part of the process, but not any more! 

I used to make Mettle by Abby out of David Douglas Diamonds in Marietta, Georgia and I would often share what I was working on at the time with my customers when they came in. As of Fall 2017, I make Mettle by Abby from my private studio, but I have found a new way of sharing this with you!

gemstones mettle by abby

I had my top Mettle fans vote on which group of gemstones they wanted to see made into jewelry. They chose the group on the right and even gave some input to the designs!

Before and After Gemstone Jewelry

The process is so exciting and transformative! (a big part of what got me into making jewelry in the first place!)

before and after gemstone jewelry mettle by abby

After Gemstone Jewelry Mettle by Abby

Join me on the next round and vote on your favorite gemstones! Sign up here and don't miss out!

Click on the images below to get a closer look!

Malachite Slice Necklace Mettle by Abby



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