Dreamscape Collection Dropping September 7

The new Dreamscape Collection is dropping September 7, 2023!

The importance of our dreams is often overlooked, but always there waiting for us. The more attention we pay to our dreams, the more they seem to give us. I wanted to create a collection of jewelry we could wear during the day as a reminder of our active sleeping lives. 

We live some of our biggest adventures at night. We fly, swim without exhaustion or need for air, and create impossible places to explore. While there are many theories about why we sleep and dream, across the board, there seems to be an agreeance that dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to speak to us. 

In my own life, reoccurring dreams have brought about change in my life and discoveries about my past and current struggles.

I've also ignored dreams before... to the point of them getting loud and painful, until I finally did something about it.

I want this collection of jewelry to help you and inspire you. Even if  you don't end up adding one of these wildly imaginative pieces to your collection, my hope is that just seeing it will help to improve your waking and sleeping life.

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy this collection and know that it was made with utmost love and joy!


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