Valentine's Gift for Him You'll Both Love

Guys are hard to buy for. It's true. I think jewelry for guys is even harder. Or maybe not...

The first Valentine's Day I had with Malachi, I gave him a tiny silver chainsaw necklace I made. He LOVED it! He even went so far as to lovingly dub it the key to my heart! Ha, ha, ha! Here's the picture he took when he got it:

Mettle by Abby Chainsaw Necklace

That was 3 YEARS AGO! And I've just now started to make more wearable tool pendants! I don't know what took me so long. Malachi has worn it practically every day since I gave it to him, and it strikes up conversations all the time!

I think there are a lot of sweet reasons a Mettle by Abby tool pendant makes the perfect gift, and I can back it up with 3 years of seeing one in action.

People ask "is that a tiny chainsaw?!" all the time.

That gives Malachi the chance to talk about how he got it, and why it's a chainsaw. It not only reminds him of our first Valentine's Day, but it also invites fun conversations about it (often with people he might not have gotten to talk to!)

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Thank you!  Enjoy!!

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