Big, Simple, Unique, Chunky Statement Stacking Rings You Can Wear and Style Every Day - Be Effortlessly Cute

These rings are SO comfy! And they're not only made from recycled sterling silver, but actual scrap! This means less refining and less nasty chemicals in the environment!

Chunky Silver Handmade Mettle by Abby Bubble Rings with Grey Striped Dress

It's kind of mesmerizing to watch me melt the scrap into these super fun bubbles of silver.


There's just something nice about melting down the old and making new and clean wearable art!

I decided to put these babies together in stacking sets of 3 because they need friends, but you can totally wear them on their own, on different fingers, with other rings you have... Mix it up! It's so stinkin' easy to make your hands look awesome with these!

I love how sturdy and strong they are while still being so comfortable that you won't even need to take them off. Heck, you may just want to live in them. That's fine by me!

Buy yours!

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