April Birthstone Guide

April Birthstone Guide

Diamond?! What?! Aren't there any alternatives? 

Oh yeah! Let's talk April Birthstones, diamonds and more!

What's ahead:

  • April Birthstone Quick Overview
  • Diamonds (the most traditional and popular birthstone choice for April)
  • Sapphires (a rainbow of choices!)
  • White Topaz & Quartz (economical option with flare)
  • In Conclusion...

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April Birthstone Quick Overview
I often joke "diamond can't be a birthstone, it's not a gemstone, it's a DIAMOND!" However, diamond is a gemstone, it's just absolutely THE most popular gemstone with a status unlike the others.
It can also be a very expensive gemstone (although not the rarest at all - we'll get into that) and as an expensive gemstone, alternative options for the April birthstone have gained ground and been used extensively with delight and flare!
Sapphire is often used as an alternative and is available in every color of the rainbow, also,  White Topaz and Quartz offer more accessible options that you can also use for a BIG look! (Like the earrings below made with Dendritic Quartz!)
Dendritic Quartz Earrings
Diamonds (the most traditional and popular birthstone choice for April)
Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds! Beautiful, sparkly, classic and rare. It may seem unfair for any month to lay claim to this stone as it's own. Not everyone loves Diamonds, though. I've heard so many people call them "boring" and say they'd rather have a colorful stone. Lucky for them there are plenty to choose from and no one is going to make you wear a Diamond. (They do come in several colors, though... blue, pink, yellow, grey, black, brown...)
Diamond is the hardest gemstone, meaning only another Diamond can scratch it. They are very tough and will stand the test of time better than any other gemstone, a GREAT reason to have one in your engagement ring! They can be quite expensive. Yes, they are rare, but certainly not the rarest gemstone. (For example, gem quality Rubies are far rarer than Diamonds.) Given the demand for Diamonds and their popularity and extensive use in bridal jewelry, Diamonds are often more expensive... natural Diamonds, anyway...
If you want a quality, sparkly Diamond but can't stomach the cost, lab grown Diamonds are an excellent option! Not only are they stunning and beautiful, but they can be around 40-50% less expensive than a natural Diamond. If you're interested in having a Mettle by Abby piece made with a lab grown diamond, contact me and we can start making the perfect piece!
tri gold and diamond rings mettle by abby

Above: 3 different natural colors of Diamonds in rose, white, and yellow gold.

There are also different colors of Diamonds, from red and blue to yellow and grey! Recently, different qualities of Diamond have been used in jewelry, making them more accessible and in a range of funky fresh designs!


Sapphires (a rainbow of choices!)
Sapphires are next in line when it comes to durability as well as popularity and you can get them in any color of the rainbow you want! There's even bi-colored Sapphires and Star Sapphires!
a rainbow of sapphires

There are so many gorgeous colors of Sapphires that many people don't even know about. Some of these have wisps of other colors in them, giving them a wildly one of a kind flare!

hexagonal green sapphire ring

Above: Green Sapphire Ring

Sometimes people want to substitute a White Sapphire for a Diamond, but I advise against this simply because a Sapphire's beauty comes from it's beautiful color. A "white" Sapphire is simply a clear one and it doesn't sparkle like a Diamond, so it will look dull being that it lacks the light refracting a Diamond has.
Star Sapphire Ring Mettle by Abby
White Topaz & Quartz (economical option with flare)
For the most accessible option, White Topaz and Quartz are a great option for April Birthstones! They fit the bill as far as being the same color as a tradtitional Diamond and they are beautiful stones available in a variety of cuts and sizes!
the difference between quartz and topaz

Above: Quartz on left, Topaz on Right

White Topaz is quite similar to Quartz, but the Topaz is typically a little more expensive as well as harder. A Topaz is hard enough to scratch a Quartz and will hold up better in a ring, although both are great!
If you want a little color or flare, there's no end in sight with either of these stones! Both are available in a variety of colors and the cuts and shapes are wildly creative!
raw amethyst drop earrings mettle by abby
Citrine and Amethyst are both Quartz, but it also is seen in pink, green, yellow, and a purple and orange combination called Ametrine!
In Conclusion...
  • Diamonds are the traditional April birthstone.
  • Sapphire is an alternative with many color options.
  • Quartz and White Topaz are economical alternatives.
  • Lab grown Diamonds are a better choice than White Sapphire for sparkle factor.
  • If you're looking for an April birthstone gift for yourself or someone else, don't be afraid to have fun with it! 

April Birthstone Quick Guide

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