7 Ways Labradorite Can Improve Your Day!

It's simple. It works. It's PROVEN!

Labradorite can ACTUALLY IMPROVE YOUR DAY! It's so seriously one of the most stunning gemstones and each one is SO totally different, you can have SO many and never get bored!

Here's how to induce Labradorite happiness in your life:

  1. Wear Labradorite earrings in your ears to make those around you smile!

  2. Wear a one of a kind Labradorite necklace and elevate your outfit!

  3. One of a kind Labradorite jewelry in your jewelry box will greet you in the morning and start your day off right!

  4. Wear a Labradorite ring on your finger and glance at it all day... try not to smile!

  5. Wear a Labradorite bracelet instead of a watch and be so happy you don't even need to wait until 5:00 to relax!

  6. Give Labradorite jewelry to someone you love and see how stinkin' happy you make them! (Happiness is contagious!!)

  7. Buy a loose Labradorite and have it made into your very own custom design! Express your creativity AND how one of a kind you are!

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 Labradorite How to

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