6 Free Ways to Support an Artist or Small Business

You don't have to spend a dime to help support a small business, there are plenty of free, easy, and fun things you can do!

  1. Leave them a review: We all look at reviews before we make a purchase and small businesses are no different! This is a great way to share your experience with others and help them decide if something is right for them, it also gives social proof that a business is doing a good job!
  2. Share them with a friend: If a review from someone you don't even know is helpful, then hearing about a business from a friend is even more powerful! You know your friends and their taste, so picking out a particular product you think they'd like is even better! 
  3. Give them direct feedback: Notice something that might be useful? Maybe you had trouble signing up for the email or really liked something they did. Let them know! A new point of view is super valuable and your insights could really help! 
  4. Sign up for their email: If you love a small business or artist, let them into your inbox! Often this is the main way small businesses communicate and you'll not only get exclusive access delivered to you, but you'll also be helping grow their business by being in the know.
  5. Share/Interact on Social Media: We all know what a power house social media is, but when you share someone's post or write about them, it is exponentially better! And if you're on Instagram, don't just like a post, save it! Saving helps grow the post to get more exposure!
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