2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide (every kind of mom)

Wondering what to get your wife for Mother's Day? Your own mom? A soon to be mom? Your Grandmother? How do you get the right gift? Something no one else has? The answers to these questions and many more! Let me help you out and make it easy! (Oh, and did I mention, all ideas that no one else will have!)

Know you want to get some birthstone jewelry? Here's a quick set of links for each month:


It can be hard to pick out the perfect gift, especially for such a deep and special occasion as Mother's Day. Be at for a first time mom, expecting mom, grand mom, mother to your children, someone wanting to become a mom, or anyone in between, jewelry is the best choice! Jewelry is a wearable reminder and it carries with it sentimental and symbolic power.

What's Ahead:

  • 7 Reasons One of a Kind Jewelry is the Best Mother's Day Gift
  • Gift Guide for Mother to Your Children
  • Gift Guide for Any Mother to Be
  • Gift Guide for Nontraditional Mothers
  • Gift Guide for Hard to Buy for Moms
  • Gift Guide for Wowing Her!
  • Gift Guide for Down to Earth Moms
  • Gift Guide for Glamourous Moms
  • Gift Guide for Boho Moms


7 Reasons Why One of a Kind Jewelry is the Best Mother's Day Gift:

  1. One of a kind means it's something no one else in the world has!
  2. She can wear it and enjoy it every day.
  3. Gifts than are worn are much more intimate and personal, especially jewelry!
  4. It's made with rare and natural materials from mother earth.
  5. She will always have it on and be able to share it with everyone she meets.
  6. It shows you spent the time to find the perfect gift for her.
  7. She'll be able to treasure it forever.

Gift Guide for Mother to Your Children

Put together a personalized stack of 2-5 rings! She doesn't have to wear them all at the same time, she can mix and match, or stack them all up! I suggest at least 1 ring with a gemstone and 1-2 plain silver or gold rings to go with it! Shop my collection of wildly one of a kind stacking rings and see what draws you in! Want to see a picture of them stacked together, just contact me and I'll send you a picture of the stacks you're considering! 

Contact Abby >>

Mettle by Abby Stacking Rings

Shop Stacking Rings >>

Gift Guide for Any Mother to Be

 If you know her due date, a piece with the baby's birthstone is a very thoughtful and tender gift! Here's some quick links to each month's birthstones traditional and alternative gemstones included:

Gift Guide for Nontraditional Mothers

 Go big and bold! Give mom something that stands out and gets people asking about her jewelry and she'll be so excited and happy to tell them all about how you treated her on Mother's Day! Peruse the Bold and Beautiful Collection and see what stands out and reminds you of mom. Here's a few of my top pick, most loved gemstones in the Bold and Beautiful Collection:

Mettle by Abby Labradorite Necklace

Shop the Bold and Beautiful Collection >>

Bold Lapis Ring

Gift Guide for Hard to Buy for Moms

Want to get a gift for a hard to buy for mom? I recommend one of my most popular designs. These are tried and tested and have had people saying "I've fallen in love with jewelry all over again!" (And, don't forget, there's a 30 day exchange, so no risk! If you need help swapping it out for something else, I will send you a return label and help you pick out the perfect gift!)

A fun pair of hoops are a surefire winner! They're comfortable, unique, and go with everything!

Shop these Halo Hoops for Mom >>

Halo Hoops

Shop all hoops >>


Gift Guide for Wowing Her!

 Wow mom this year with a rare and stunning Yellow Gold piece of one of a kind jewelry. Over the past few years, Yellow Gold has won so many hearts that I would say it's the favorite, but it isn't common. Gold is rare. It's beautiful. It's warm and bright. Wow mom with a precious gift of gold she can wear. The 14k Yellow Gold Autumn Echo Ring is a great choice! The natural inclusions in the gemstone look like a tree and you can thank mom for adding you to her branch in the tree of life.

Autumn Echo Ring

Shop all 14k Yellow Gold Pieces >>

Want a little something different? Rose Gold is stunning as well, but with a rosy glow!

Rose Gold Sapphire Leaf Ring

Shop all Rose Gold >>

Gift Guide for Down to Earth Moms

There's something so simple yet stunning about a raw gemstone set into jewelry. You've got a natural, down to earth treasure that she can wear in celebration of natural beauty! You'll find options in every color and many gemstones! Blue, red, green, opal, sapphire, sunstone, earrings, necklaces... There's something for every mom!

Shop Raw Gemstone Jewelry >>

Gift Guide for Glamourous Moms

For a bit of sparkle unlike anything you'll see anywhere else, look no further than the Star Dust Collection! Each piece has an extra sparkle and wonder given to it when I hand hammer the silver and/or gold with a diamond, which leaves the impression of every facet behind in the metal. You'll be giving her something unlike any other jewelry!

Star Dust Cuff

Shop Star Dust Collection >>


Gift Guide for Boho Moms

Got a funky, fresh Bohemian style mama in your life? Gift her a wildly one of a kind Mettle by Abby piece from the Wreath Collection! Each piece is made from entwinning silver and/or gold in a natural and artistic whirl of eccentric fun and love!

Shop the Wreath Collection >>

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